BRAD CURRAN BRAD CURRAN Director of Photography / Editor / Producer

In a nutshell, this is what Ada is all about.

I worked closely with Ada's leadership team to produce this video for submission to the Melinda Gate's Equality Can't Wait contest. First they were finalist, then they were winners of a 10 million dollar prize. We were all thrilled to say the least.

Ada Developers Academy is a non-profit, cost-free coding school. Long story short- Ada is changing the face of tech by growing a vibrant, thriving community of female and gender diverse technologists. 

It has been my privilege to produce videos that help shine a light on Ada's incredible community since 2019. 

My roles:
-Director of Photography

-brand video
-promotional, recruitment and graduation videos
-student and donor testimonials
-portraiture and environmental photography
-video and photo for Ada website 

Client Testimonial:
“Working with Brad is not only a personal pleasure, but he also helps our organization immensely by capturing the tone and essence of our community. His process is collaborative, and the questions he brings to the forefront help us pin-point exactly what we want to convey. We hold the value of anti-racism deep at our roots here at Ada, and he recognizes this and brings a team that reflects the folks we serve. We worked closely with Brad to put forth a proposal to Melinda Gates, and through this work, Ada was awarded 10 million dollars. Though the story of Ada is already compelling, Brad has really helped us hone and perfect how we articulate our story using visual media.”

-Alexandra Holien, VP of Revenue & Strategy; Deputy Director, Ada Developers Academy