BRAD CURRAN BRAD CURRAN Director of Photography / Editor / Producer

Andrew Kearns is a young, focused photographer who creates pristine, ethereal images of his friends in idyllic locations. His images make you want to quit your day job, pack your bags and hit the road. He currently has over 300K followers on Instagram which in the world of social media deems him an ‘influencer’. Brands solicit his endorsement in an effort to reach his large and engaged audience and he selectively embraces these collaborations. I was hired by Vox Media to spend the day with him and document his process, which is essentially to go on adventures, explore and shoot. The images were published on The Verge along with an interview where he talks about the relationship a traveling photographer has with their bag. The post is sponsored by eBay where he has purchased two of his favorite bags. 

Full set of images here.

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